Upgrade Your
Candidate Experience with
Gamified Talent Assessments

Better Science, More Actionable Outcomes

Our cutting-edge assessment technology combines artificial intelligence with the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience to allow companies like yours to engage top millennial talent at scale, resulting in better matches and improved employee performance.

More than just a video game, our gamified candidate assessments are scientifically proven to accurately evaluate each candidate’s personality, cognitive ability, aptitude and behavior, all while they play the game.

Curious how it works? Experience our gamified recruitment platform for yourself.

Your Candidate Experience Re-Imagined

Six in ten applicants admit abandoning a job application because it took too long. That means the majority of your candidate pool is opting out based on outdated processes alone.

It’s no surprise that using 20th century tools to hire 21st century talent isn’t a winning strategy. But what’s the solution?

By modernizing their pre-screening and assessments with The Talent Games, forward-thinking organizations are reducing candidate drop-off by meeting candidates where they are, while exponentially growing their talent pools and winning the war for top talent by creating an engaging and fun alternative to the standard recruiting process.

But what do candidates say? After playing our recruitment games, a staggering 60% of applicants report having a “more favorable” view of the organization than before. Applicants call our hiring games “Awesome!” We call it 21st century recruitment. But don’t take our word for it.