Best Candidate Experience Award

Press Release: The Talent Games Winning The “Best Candidate Experience” Award

Written By The Talent Games Marketing Team

Asia Recruitment Awards 2020 Singapore: Best Candidate Experience Award Category.

Singapore – July 24, 2020. The Talent Games has won an award for the ‘Best Candidate Experience’ by a solution provider at the Asia Recruitment Awards 2020 Singapore, organized by Human Resources Online.

The futuristic HR Technology company, The Talent Games was announced as the winner in one of the most competitive categories of the event. The company was seen as the Finalists along with five other HR Tech companies. The winners were announced by the jury of Asia Recruitment Awards 2020 Singapore.

The judges considered The Talent Games as one the most deserving companies to win this accolade due to its millennial-centric hiring solutions. Recognizing the importance organizations place on candidate experience, The Talent Games is empowering companies with tools to take their candidate experience to the next-level.

The decision was made on behalf of the case studies, candidate testimonials and validation papers shared by the company. The esteemed jury members of the Asia Recruitment Awards 2020 collectively chose The Talent Games as worthy of taking this prestigious award.

Human Resources Online, a publication platform of Lighthouse Independent Media hosted this year’s awards virtually. They have been hosting these awards for the past 6 years now and are trusted by the HR fraternity across Asia and beyond.

“Since our inception, we have worked rigorously to provide intuitive analytics and candidate insights to organizations, helping them improve their candidate experience and predict top talent. We have helped 35+ clients in building their millennial employer brand through our recruitment games that millennial candidates love and enjoy being part of. And winning an award for exactly the same cause is beyond explanation.”
Co-founder & CEO of The Talent Games
Paul Keijzer

Find complete details about the Virtual Awards Ceremony here.

More About The Talent Games:
The Talent Games is a Singapore-based HR Tech company that pioneers in virtual hiring solutions, such gamified pre-screening assessments, virtual assessment centers, virtual end-to-end recruitment and internship programs, and more. We help organizations digitize and gamify their HR recruitment process to improve their candidate experience, reduce cost while saving time, enhance employer brand and make recruitment seamless and data-driven.

The Talent Games - Best Candidate Experience Award

Official Press Release by The Talent Games
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