Presenting Award-winning Gamified Assessments

Explore our wide range of gamified talent assessments, covering multiple competencies that align with your company values. With our science-based assessments, predict top talent and reduce bias.

Explore our wide range of gamified talent assessments, covering multiple competencies that align with your company values. With our science-based assessments, predict top talent and reduce bias.

Why Choose Our Assessments

We offer gamified assessment technology to evaluate 21st century talent for 
multiple skills or competencies.

Fair and Transparent

Fair & Transparent

Ensure equitable hiring with gamified assessments, promoting fairness and transparency in evaluations.


Reduce the element of cheating in the assessment process with high level of security.

Compliant & Secured

Deploy GDPR and ISO compliant candidate assessments to ensure global best practices.

Backed by Science

Leverage assessments that are backed by solid science to unlock true potential of your talent.


Provide a seamless experience to your candidates by employing tests that work across devices.

Fun & Engaging

Craft unique candidate journeys 
with immersive storylines to make your company more desirable.

Our Assessments



Elevate hiring precision with our gamified aptitude assessments, ensuring a holistic understanding of candidate capabilities.


Craft job-specific gamified assessments for targeted talent, aligning assessments with your unique recruitment needs.


Cognitive Ability

Unleash potential with gamified cognitive ability assessments, scientifically designed for accurate evaluation of critical skills.


Culture & Future Fit

Evaluate culture and future fit with our gamified assessments, ensuring alignment with organizational values and future goals.


Situational Judgement

Enhance decision-making with gamified SJTs, providing insights into candidates’ ability to navigate real-world scenarios.


Assessment Centers

Transform assessment centers with our gamified solutions, fostering engaging experiences for comprehensive talent evaluation.

Team Building

Create strong teams with our gamified team-building assessments, promoting collaboration, and communication.


Change Readiness

Prepare for change with gamified assessments measuring change readiness, ensuring a resilient and adaptive workforce.


Emotional Intelligence

Discover the essence of individuals with gamified emotional intelligence assessment, unraveling the abilities to manage emotions.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Zahid Iqbal
Zahid Iqbal

Director HR & Commercial, EBM

“The Talent Games is transforming the hiring game. Their Gamified Talent Assessment tools brought a fresh perspective to our Management Trainee Program. The objective and data-driven psychometric assessments made candidate selection very effortless and it saved plenty of time. Thanks to The Talent Games, we've streamlined our recruitment and discovered top-notch talent for our team. Highly recommend their innovative assessments!”

Letran Silalahi
Letran Silalahi

Country HR Head, Syngenta Indonesia

“Commencing an innovative hiring journey with The Talent Games was a true delight for Syngenta Indonesia. Our partnership revolutionized bulk recruitment by infusing gamified psychometric games into the process.

Rehan Naeem
Rehan Naeem

Head OD & Culture, Bank Alfalah

“A remarkable hiring solution for HR professionals! The Talent Games gave us the opportunity to showcase our employer brand to young candidates through a custom-built recruitment game for our Intern and Management trainee program. It helped us assess the competencies of thousands of candidates with objectivity  and making the process efficient. The game elements were wonderful to highlight the company values.”

Joe Lee
Joe Lee

Head of Talent, Learning & OD, BUPA

“Navigating Bupa's 'One Bupa Talent Programme' with The Talent Games has been remarkable. The gamified SJTs and assessments deliver an immersive experience in evaluating and selecting trainees. The interactive design of the games not only ensured a comprehensive understanding of candidates' capabilities but also showcased the potential of gamification in talent development.“

Christtina Ratte
Christtina Ratte

HR Manager, Brambles UK

“Brambles looked for innovative ways to hire candidates and partnered with The Talent Games. Their assessments, designed for cognitive ability testing and video evaluations, provided a unique lens through which we identified top talent efficiently. The distinctiveness of The Talent Games' approach lies not just in effectiveness but in the delightful and engaging experience it brings to the talent selection.”The interactive assessments not only offered a thorough understanding of candidates' strengths but also provided invaluable assistance in assessing important competencies without bias.”

What Our Clients Say About Us

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