Ignite Growth with Training Need Assessment

Upskill your organization through gamified and tailored Training Need Assessments for skill development to achieve professional growth.

Upskill your organization through gamified and tailored Training Need Assessments for skill development to achieve professional growth.

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Re-Imagine Your Training Need Evaluation

Upgrade your approach to employee development with our gamified Training Need Assessment, tailoring engaging learning experiences for all.

Tailored Paths


Craft personalized learning journeys for each employee, gamifying skill enhancement and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.


Employ actionable insights from comprehensive gamified assessments, enabling informed decisions for strategic talent development and transparency.


Boost employee engagement with gamified training that aligns with individual needs, creating a motivated workforce committed to achieving your goals.

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Assessing Varied Competencies and Skills during Gamified Training Need Assessment

Communication Skills

Enhance verbal and written communication for effective workplace collaboration.

Problem-Solving Abilities

Foster critical thinking to address challenges and innovate solutions.

Leadership Qualities

Identify and nurture leadership potential within your workforce.


Assess the ability to adapt to change and navigate evolving work environments.

Digital Literacy

Evaluate proficiency in utilizing digital tools and technologies.

Team Collaboration

Measure teamwork and cooperation skills for a harmonious workplace.

Time Management

Assess the ability to prioritize tasks and manage time efficiently.

Continuous Learning

Observe enthusiasm and capability for ongoing skill enhancement.

Examples of We Helped XYZ with Gamified Training Need Assessment

Enabled XYZ to enhance team collaboration and leadership skills through gamified

assessments, resulting in a more cohesive and innovative organizational culture.

What Our Client Has to Say About Us

Madiha Khalid

People Strategist - Shell

“At Shell, we wanted to bring innovation to our application and hiring processes. For that, we partnered with The Talent Games to gamify our Future Leaders Program which required hiring in large volume.

The Talent Games helped us assess thousands of candidates efficiently and with high engagement. We were able to hire the top 150+ individuals as Interns and Management Trainees remotely.”

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