INFOGRAPHIC: Source, Track, Hire from Home During COVID-19 Crisis

Written By The Talent Games Marketing Team

Businesses around the world are facing unprecedented challenges amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Thus, they scramble to adjust their recruitment strategies to the virtual world. The novel coronavirus has forced organizations to conduct candidate hiring from home, completely transforming the way employees are normally attracted, recruited, and retained.

Whether your company is hiring to keep the business operations running or planning to rebuild its workforce as the pandemic subsides, the work of screening and hiring candidates now has to be done virtually. Fortunately, technology is available to help produce quality hires while ensuring all risk and exposure is eliminated.

Don’t be daunted by this sudden shift to virtual recruiting because it isn’t as tough as you must be thinking. Fortunately, many of the tools you’ll need are already in place.

Human Resources can harness the power of virtual hiring tools, such as gamified assessments to upgrade their hiring process. Similarly, they can use state-of-the-art virtual hiring platforms to provide a seamless virtual candidate screening and interviewing experience for candidate hiring from home.

Many tech giants, such as Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, and Google have already been doing it for some time. Other companies have followed in their footsteps, adopting videoconferencing as a common form of communication.

In a COVID-19 hiring landscape, adopting great virtual recruiting strategies is essential. Organizations that take this time to act towards building connections with promising talent in their sphere, will have an advantage over their competitors. Now is the time to prepare for a talented workforce by conducting candidate hiring from home as the expected wave of the competition will be on a large global scale.



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