INFOGRAPHIC: Unconscious Bias in Recruitment

Written By The Talent Games Marketing Team

Humans are naturally biased. In fact, scientists have proved that every single brain has over 100 biases built in. From a neurological perspective, we filter tons of information every day, and this is the reason why our brains are hardwired to automatically categorize information in order to prevent overload, making it easier to process. There’s also the fact that this process can persuade us to draw conclusions based on unconscious stereotypes.

Unconscious bias can play a pivotal role in hiring and recruitment, and it’s unsurprisingly rampant in the workplace. For instance, when evaluating a candidate whose background (experience or qualification) is identical to an employee who the recruiter had an unpleasant experience with, it is likely that the candidate won’t be shortlisted.

No matter how hard they try, a negative experience from the past is enough to leave a bad taste in the hiring manager’s mouth, which results in little-to-no chance for any other candidate with a similar profile. What’s troubling is, the new candidate could potentially be the perfect fit for your company. However, thanks to the previous bad experience, their chances have been zeroed out.

With bias in the recruitment process, your company’s employer brand is at stake. And it’s not just that, lack of diversity and inclusion in the workplace also stems from unconscious bias, which in turn restricts innovation and growth of the organization.

Need an ultimate solution to eliminate bias from your recruitment process?

Voila! Gamified assessments present a completely new approach to recruitment. With gamification in recruiting, you can source talent that is rightly fitted for your company using neuroscience and AI, thus banishing bias and errors from human judgement.

As a result, companies are leveraging the power of gamified assessments to achieve – ethnic, racial and gender diversity, which ultimately fosters innovation, enhances your employer brand and leads to an increase in financial returns. Most importantly, gamification in recruitment allows you to hire and retain the top talent, which you might otherwise disqualify due to unconscious biases.

Do you have a couple of minutes to spare? We are excited to offer you a chance to take your recruitment process to the next level by making it fun, interesting and completely free of bias with gamified assessments!

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