Program Name:

K-Electric – Case Study

Company Brief:

K-Electric, a leading energy company in Pakistan, pioneers innovative and sustainable solutions, powering the nation’s progress. Committed to excellence, K-Electric shapes the energy landscape with efficiency, reliability, and a focus on nurturing dynamic future leaders.

Quick Summary:

K-Electric revolutionized its Management Trainee Program with The Talent Games’ gamified assessments. Efficiently identifying, assessing, and onboarding thousands of top-tier management trainees, contributing to K-Electric’s leadership in the energy sector.


Karachi, Pakistan

No. of Employees:

10,000+ Employees



Impact we made:

  • Efficient Trainee Selection Process
  • Diverse Talent Attraction Success
  • Bias-Free Assessments Implemented
  • Cost-Efficient Onboarding Achieved
  • Strengthened Employer Brand Recognition
  • Hundreds of Trainees Successfully Onboarded
  • Nurturing Dynamic Future Energy Leaders

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