Program Name:

Novartis – Case Study

Company Brief:

Novartis is a global healthcare company dedicated to innovative solutions and reimagining medicine for evolving health challenges.

Quick Summary:

Novartis elevated its employer brand using The Talent Games’ turnkey gamified solution ‘C-Factor,’ featuring Situational Judgment Tests and Psychometric Games, creating an engaging and effective assessment methodology for exceptional talent acquisition.


Basel, Switzerland

No. of Employees:




Impact we made:

  • Enhanced employer brand and desirability.
  • Utilized turnkey gamified solution ‘C-Factor’ for innovative recruitment
  • Incorporated Situational Judgment Tests and Psychometric Games for holistic assessments
  • Improved engagement and accuracy in talent acquisition
  • Received over 8,000 candidate applications
  • Achieved outstanding outcomes in attracting and retaining top talent

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