Program Name:

PTCL – Case Study

Company Brief:

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is a leading telecommunication provider, connecting people and businesses across Pakistan with innovative communication solutions.

Quick Summary:

PTCL revamped its talent acquisition with The Talent Games’ Gamified Management Trainee Program, leveraging innovative gamification to identify, assess, and hire top-tier talent efficiently, contributing to PTCL’s connectivity success.


Islamabad, Pakistan

No. of Employees:




Impact we made:

  • Streamlined hiring with Gamified Management Trainee Program
  • Identified top-tier talent efficiently
  • Contributed to PTCL’s communication excellence
  • Fostering a dynamic and motivated workforce
  • Over 60,000 applicants played the game
  • Positioned PTCL as an industry leader in innovative HR solutions

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