Embracing Equity: Celebrating Women’s Day at the Workplace

The whole world celebrates International Women’s Day to celebrate the social, political, cultural, and economic achievements of women. In this blog, we discuss its significance at the workplace and how you can celebrate it.

March brings your organization an opportunity on this International Women’s Day to acknowledge the strengths of women at your workplace. It also invites you to think back on the potential they bring to your organization and how you can combat She-Cession.

But why is it important to acknowledge the strengths of women, you wonder? That’s what we are going to discuss in this blog along with highlighting the purpose of the theme of 2023 ‘Embrace Equity’.

Why to Celebrate Women’s Day at Workplace?

There is no denying the fact that gender equality has improved greatly ever since its introduction in the early 19th century. For instance, in the 1920’s women couldn’t apply for a loan, couldn’t apply for civil service or even any legal profession, and couldn’t even vote. These things now are almost unimaginable today. This is because we have come a long way from that phase due to laws in place against any kind of discrimination.

However, there is still a long way to go as only in the UK for instance, the earnings of men is 9% more than women and the ratio of men on FTSE 350 executives is more than 80% compared to women. It looks like it still will take another 100 days for this gender gap to be balanced out. And, that’s the very reason we have to celebrate International Women’s Day to keep striving for gender equality and supporting diversity in the workplace.Source: McKinsey

What is the significance of the Theme ‘Embrace Equity’?

The theme of this year’s Women’s Day invites to you think about creating an equal and just world for women. As a recruiter, you can take this opportunity to ensure that you do address the systemic barriers and inequalities faced by women, especially those from marginalized backgrounds.

According to International Womens Day, the purpose of this theme is to ensure that “gender equity must become ingrained in the DNA of every society.” Equity at workplaces is essential for not only maintaining fairness and justice but also for improving productivity and taking your employer brand to the next level.

Difference between ‘Equality’ and ‘Equity’

It is essential to be clear about the difference between ‘equity’ and ‘equality’ in order to understand the significance of the theme. ‘Equality’ refers to having equal access to resources or even opportunities by the individual or group.

On the other hand, equity has to do with recognizing that the situation of each individual is unique and it needs allocating the precise resources or opportunities in order to obtain an equal outcome.

Different Ways to Celebrate IWD 2023 at Workplace

Being an employer, you can embrace equity through several ways in your organization leading towards an inclusive culture where each of your employees feels valued. Here are a few of the ideas you can implement.

• Decorate the Office on the Big Day

Although the whole month of March is Women’s History Month, it is up to you to either keep the office decorated for the whole month or just for one day on the 8th of March. It would be great if you keep your employees reminded of the significance of the month by the decorated office throughout the month. You can display posters of inspirational women and add bunters, banners, or balloons on walls.

• Wear Purple Color

You can ask everyone (both girls and boys) to wear purple color in support of this day. This is to focus on balance and inclusivity. This is going to be an effective and easy way to set the tone in the workplace. If you as a leader also dress the same then it would be an amazing message to everyone.

• Involve Everybody In the Contribution

It doesn’t matter if the day is celebrating women only when it comes to participation. The contribution from everyone regardless of gender can provide the impression of compassion among the team which is very essential. As an employer make sure that males are also in the planning of the day. You can also give little something like stationary on every desk to make everyone feel involved.

• Ask Employers to Share Stories

You can communicate with each of your employees and ask them to think of any woman who became their inspiration. They can write it somewhere and stick it to the wall or their cubicle. It is better to stick to someplace where it is visible to everyone.

• Ask Different Females To Share Their Experiences

You can invite any of the female speakers to come forward and share their experience in general or with your organization. They can share how they feel like working in an industry that is predominantly male. This could become an engaging activity for everyone.

• Take Photos and Share Them on Social Media

You can share the pictures on social media to give a positive image of your brand. This will be a fun activity as well. The group photos with the embracing gestures will reflect the theme of this year ‘embrace equity’. Sharing these photos on social media will attract several others to desire to work for your company.

To Wrap Up

Apart from celebrating Women’s day in this month only, you should also strive to make some long-run changes. Make sure to embrace equity by providing inclusive incentives, empowering everyone by making resources accessible to everyone, and also re-evaluating your equity practices every now and then. Implementing these equitable actions within your organization can make your organization desirable for everyone.

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