Unconscious Bias

How Recruitment Technology Can Keep Your Unconscious Biases Aside

Written By The Talent Games Marketing Team
If you’re an HR professional, then you must be knowing about Unconscious Biases and how they work.
Unconscious biases are social stereotypes or unintentional preferences we hold for some people over others.
In every organization, these unconscious biases are at work. When screening, interviewing or hiring someone – these unconscious biases lead towards discrimination and unfair judgments.
So, what’s the solution? How can we reduce the element of unconscious bias when assessing and hiring talent?
The solution is to use “HR Technology”.

Read the latest article published on Forbes “How Recruitment Technology Can Help Put Your Unconscious Biases Aside” by Paul Keijzer – CEO of The Talent Games.
Things included in the article:
  • What are Unconscious Biases
  • How Unconscious Bias affects Recruiters and Candidates
  • Some studies around Unconscious Bias
  • Recruitment technologies that can help reduce the Unconscious Bias in recruiting
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