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Forbes Article: What To Look For In A Gamified Recruitment Platform

Most organizations and their HR teams are constantly looking to innovate their hiring process. For that purpose, HR professionals always assess different hiring tools and solution providers to pick the best fit for their specific organizational needs.

Did you know according to ManpowerGroup, 75% companies globally have reported talent shortages and difficulty in attracting and hiring candidates.

As a result, companies and HR professionals are adopting virtual hiring tools to meet their recruitment targets and hire the best candidates.

Keeping the demand in mind, one great remote hiring solution is ‘Recruitment Gamification‘. By using gamification in recruitment, companies can host online gamified assessments to assess thousands of candidates – remotely!

However, there is a lot of skepticism around implementing gamification in the hiring process. Clearly, companies and their HR teams must consider the pros and cons of whatever HR Technology they want to explore or implement within the organization.

For that reason, Paul Keijzer – CEO of The Talent Games has written an article on Forbes. Read his article “What To Look For In A Gamified Recruitment Platform”.

You can consider Paul’s expert views on the subject as he is one of the leading names when we talk about recruitment gamification. Despite he runs a company that offers a gamified recruitment platform, the article is written from a completely neutral and fresh perspective.

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