Hiring Gen Z? Here’s What You Need to Keep in Mind

Generation Z is the perfect traverse between humans and technology. Unlike other generations, Zoomers didn’t need to learn to adapt to technology. Rather, they were born with it as their external organ.

Born between 1996 to 2001, Gen Z, also known as iGen and Centennials, is the demographic cohort succeeding millennials (born between 1981-1995). What makes Gen Z stand out from the rest is their strong appetite for cutting-edge technology and the desire to share their experiences with others virtually.

Need a playbook for hiring Gen Z? Here’s what you need to remember.

• Gen Z are tech-savvy, so you need a digital recruitment strategy

Generation Z are veritable digital natives. Growing up playing video games, scrolling social media and blending the digital and physical worlds like never before, 58% of Zoomers say they have a hard time going for hours or more without internet access.

This first “fully digital” generation has now entered the workplace, thus hiring managers are scrambling to find ways to hire and retain this new segment of the workforce.

With this generation’s demands for a short time-to-hire and a high-tech hiring process, it has become necessary for talent acquisition professionals to be equipped with state-of-the-art tools to deliver a timely and engaging candidate experience. So how can recruiters get creative when it comes to attracting Gen Z candidates? For a generation that thrives on entertainment, gamification seems to be the perfect answer.

Therefore, when it comes to hiring Gen Z, employers need to take a different approach and gamify their pre-employment process with AI-powered gamified assessments. In fact, 65% of Gen Z think artificial intelligence will have a positive impact. Moreover, according to a research, ninety percent of Gen Z-ers play video games of some kind while a large part of them consider gaming to be an important part of their identity.

Clearly, Centennials expect more and more advanced use of technology from the companies they build relationship with, especially their employer.

• Gen Z is active on social networking sites, so build a strong social media presence

Generation Z has grown up watching the inexorable rise of social media giants like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so it’s not a surprise that these platforms are an indispensable part of their daily life – whether it comes to looking for jobs or finding a source of entertainment.

A recent Social Media Behavior report shows that Gen Z is spending quite a lot of time on social. According to its estimates, in comparison to millennials who spend an average of around 3.8 hours a day on social media, the younger generation spends nearly 4.5 hours.

This goes to show that you need to upgrade your social media strategy. In order to attract the top Gen Z talent, it is important for talent acquisition professionals to promote their employer brand with a strong social media presence and company careers page that clearly communicate the values and culture at your company

• D&I is hardwired in Gen Z’s DNA, so embrace it

Gen Z is passionate about diversity and inclusion, and is very likely to turn down a job offer if it feels the employer doesn’t prioritize D&I. Interestingly enough, in the US Gen Z is itself the most racially and ethnically diverse generation yet; nearly half (48%) are non-white.

In a survey, one in three Gen Z respondents who had applied for a job said they had avoided an opportunity because they feared being treated unfairly due to their gender, ethnic or racial identity. According to Forbes, seventy-seven percent of Gen Z say that a company’s level of diversity affects their decision to work there.



Hiring Gen Z talent, therefore, requires talent acquisition professionals to provide fair and equal pay and promotion opportunities, so their organization don’t lose its appeal. Clearly diversity and inclusion isn’t a mere preference for the younger job seekers, it’s a requirement.

As a hiring professional, it’s important for you to shine spotlight on your company’s diversity and inclusion efforts and make sure your pre-employment assessment isn’t rife with unconscious bias. With a diverse workforce not only will you attract Gen Z, your organization will also exceed financial targets and achieve better business outcomes.

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