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Building the Future Workforce: How Internship Awareness Month Can Help

Discover how Internship Awareness Month can shape the future workforce. Unveiling the transformative power of internships, this blog explores their role in building a dynamic and successful workforce.

Internship Awareness Month is an annual event that takes place every April. It aims to promote the value of internships and encourage employers to offer high-quality internship experiences, which are essential for countering the global talent shortage. As a recruitment specialist or talent acquisition professional, you understand the importance of building a skilled and diverse workforce. That’s why, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, employers expect to increase their intern hiring by 9.1% for the 2022-23 academic year compared to the previous year.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of internships for employers and students, as well as best practices for creating and managing successful internship programs. By harnessing the potential of internships, you can build the future workforce and secure your organization’s success in the long term.

Background of Internship Awareness Month

The internship awareness program was an initiative taken by a Career Edge Organization back in 2017. They selected the month of April because it is a month of spring in which new flowers bloom. This can be true for the students and young grads too who are like new flowers and the Summer internships can help them grow their skillset and explore their capabilities. As this month is on end, it could be an ideal time for reflection on the difference internship programs can make not just in the life of the candidates but also for the organizations.

Benefits of Internship for Candidates

The students can begin their careers through internships to learn the in-demand skills in the job market. Here is how the internships can benefit them:

• Relevant Field Experience

Candidates need confidence in their own abilities to be successful at jobs and internships are the best opportunity to make them confident by providing them relevant field experience. Internship for them becomes a gateway to learning the latest skills and technologies, especially in fields that are constantly changing. This is the reason that companies value more the candidate who has internship experience in their resume rather than the one who is completely new.

• Opportunities for Networking

As the saying goes “Network is your Net worth”, internships offer the best environment for students to build their net worth by creating a professional network. It is essential to remember that merely skills are not enough. According to research, your connectedness to the social network can help in even receiving promotions, and bonuses, and preventing a job loss too.

• Strengthen Candidate Resume

The students don’t feel motivated early in their careers for applying for jobs as their resumes look blank. But you as a new graduate can add the latest skills to your resume after completing your internship. It will make you look more confident in the next job interview by demonstrating your skills to employers.

• Exploring Career Path

Internships let students navigate through various careers and they can choose which one is according to their interest. The earlier they get to know their path, the better because it will accelerate their income. If they keep switching careers later, they’ll have to restart from lower pay.

• Strong Job Possibilities

Organizations need people with good experience and the intention to stay longer in the company. The young graduates are more curious to learn and they stick longer with the organization that’s why they are valued. That’s why if you have completed your internship in large organizations then there are strong chances of being hired.

Benefits of Internship for Employers:

No organization would want to miss out on a top talent. Among many ways to scout talent, internships are the most effective ones. Here is how the internship programs can take organizations to the next level.

• Access to the Best Talent

It is important to remember that according to Korn Ferry, the number of unfulfilled job positions could go up to 8.5 Trillion by 2030. This would make the job market extremely competitive. If your organization arranges Internship programs then you’ll be the first one to get the best talent before losing them to others.

• Cost Effective Hiring

The internship programs help you save plenty of hiring costs as the internees are usually those who are looking to gain experience. You can hire interns on pay which is lesser than an experienced candidate and this can reduce a huge amount when you hire interns on a mass level.

• Improved productivity

Interns can help employers increase productivity by providing additional support and fresh perspectives. Since they are curious to learn more and they have the willingness to do more, their high energy would always results in high productivity. That’s the reason large organizations always run summer internship programs every year.

• Brand building

Internship programs can become your ultimate brand-boosting campaign. You get a chance to showcase your company’s values through innovative hiring processes such as Gamification. This promotes your image as an organization that is keen on developing a next-generation workforce. Apart from that, almost all of the youngsters are heavily engaged with social media and this provides you the opportunity to grow your social media following too by promoting your internship program.

• Diverse perspectives

Companies with innovative and diverse ideas are more likely to solve problems easily. A study by Harvard Business Review shows that companies with leaders who promoted new and diverse ideas were more successful in overcoming disruptions. This is an advantage of having a diverse group of interns in your office. They can bring diverse perspectives and new ideas to the workplace, helping you. stay innovative and competitive.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an intern or an employer, you can exchange expressions of gratitude with each other during this internship awareness month. As a recruiter, you can revitalize your workplace by offering internships to young graduates. These students are enthusiastic and willing to prove themselves, and by employing a diverse set of interns through gamification, you can bring fresh and diverse perspectives to your organization. Not only that, but you can also avoid the high cost of bad hires.

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