Our Manifesto

We know there are innovative HR Business Leaders out there who want to do things differently. There are only a few HR professionals who know that we attract, develop, reward and engage the 21st-century talent using 19th century theories, and 20th century tools. However, we still have HR leaders who want to catapult HR into the future.

You’re likely one of those leaders.

We created The Talent Games for HR innovators like you – leaders who want to change the world and create an impact that goes beyond the boundaries of your job.

A Problem Worth Solving

There are many areas within HR that are ripe for innovation and modernization. But because bringing the best talent into your organization is so fundamental to your firm’s success, we decided to start there.

If our firm is to create meaningful change for companies like yours, as well as the candidates you interface with, we must combine the latest thinking and tools in assessments, technology, artificial intelligence, data science and gaming and apply them to a recruitment process that has not materially changed in the past 50 years.

Not an easy task, but who wants to spend their careers working on easy problems anyway?

It’s with our eye on transformational change for recruiters and candidates alike that we set out on this journey to create, and ultimately perfect, The Talent Games. Our goal is to develop a solution that transforms the recruitment experience for both companies and candidates.

From our 50 year of HR Leadership experience in Fortune 50 companies we have seen, and often participated in, creating woeful candidate experiences.

  • The recruitment process is stacked in favour of candidates based on biased perceptions.
  • The process is opaque; candidates that don’t make the shortlist don’t get any feedback.
  • And in an effort to be as efficient as possible, companies try to limit the number of people that apply rather than be inclusive and invite as many people as possible.

We want to make it easy for companies to be transparent, inclusive and as unbiased as possible, while assessing candidates using real-life simulations that closely mirror how they would do the job they’re applying for. With more than 500,000 candidate assessments under our belt, we believe that we have come a long way in achieving this. But our work is just getting started. These are just some of the reasons why we’ve created an AI-powered, gamified talent assessment that HR leaders like you can implement directly into your existing process.

No new steps. No drawn out implementations. Simply plug, play and win the best candidates.

Our Core Values

If we’re going to achieve our goals and transform businesses like yours, we know we must assemble a team who love their work, live fully and authentically, and strive to merge beauty and intelligence while working to radically change the way we attract, develop and engage 21st century talent.

At The Talent Games, we live by these Core Values:

We Are Client Obsessed

We are obsessed by what our clients want and need. We focus on building products and services that our clients love.

We Do Things Smart and Different

We constantly push boundaries, experiment, learn and reflect. We want to be unique, do it smarter, simpler and faster than anyone else.

We Make Recruiting Beautiful

We love what we do and want to create things that are aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, making the world a more interesting place.

We Take Responsibility

We aim high, excel, persevere and deliver what we commit. We understand that with freedom comes responsibility. We know that being transparent drives honesty and we always do the right thing even when no one is watching.

We Are Generous

We believe in abundance, that it is more rewarding to give than to take. We are a diverse team who care, share, challenge and learn from each other.

We Are Talent Evangelists

We’re on the side of both candidates and employers. We believe it’s our obligation to improve corporate efficiency and performance while treating candidates openly, fairly and with respect for their time and talent.

An Invitation to Connect

Whether we do business together or not, we invite you to reach out and begin a conversation about the future of our industry, and how together, a small number of like-minded HR leaders can manifest significant change – change that benefits our companies, our teams, or business partners and the candidates we engage with.