Millennial Recruitment: Use of Gamified Assessments [Infographic]

One of the toughest challenges organizations face is to recruit the right Millennial talent. In an age where technology is leaving humans behind, Millennials are known to be from the most tech-savvy generation of our time. But finding Millennials who can fit into your work culture can be difficult since they belong to a different sensibility.

A number of studies suggest that Millennials are frequent job-hoppers. This creates ambiguity for recruiters, especially when they are to hire candidates from the Millennial age bracket.

Benefits of Gamified Assessments for Recruiting Millennials

We have listed down some of the key reasons why you should use Gamified Assessments to hire Millennials. According to Paul Keijzer, Millennials find AI-driven gamified assessments more fun and engaging as they contain game simulations.

Candidates love game simulations and by using Gamified Assessments, companies can improve candidate experience and increase their talent pool.

Find 8 of the top reasons why you should also leverage Gamified Assessments to recruit Millennials.

Gamifying your recruitment process is going to be crucial for organizations who are looking to hire Millennials. No surprise why leading organizations are so obsessed with Millennials, after all, they are going to be central in building the future of workforce.

If you are convinced with the reasons we have mentioned in the infographic, then we can help your organization overcome its Millennial hiring issues. The Talent Games can really transform your recruitment process with Gamified Assessments to recruit Millennials.

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