Recruiting and Hiring in Today’s Ever-Evolving World of Work

Modern workplaces increasingly demand dynamic skill sets, creative problem-solving, and adaptability — especially in the midst of a pandemic. To keep up with the complex, fast-paced, ever-changing world of business today, hiring managers are under intense pressure to find high-ability candidates as quickly as possible.

But a resume is hardly enough to determine whether a given candidate has what it takes to confidently handle modern workplace challenges. Our hiring practices have to keep pace with the evolving world of work, and that means trading the old methods for rigorous, objective measures that accurately assess a candidate’s capacity to learn new skills, adjust to new cultures, and collaborate productively.

Utilize technology to streamline your recruiting process

We live in a high-paced world where massive corporations like to “move fast and break things”. However, for small to medium-sized businesses, breaking things can be costly and somebody is always left to clean up the mess. Why break things when you can shape them to be leaner, meaner, and more efficient- thus helping you move faster? Streamlining your recruiting process and tailoring it to your company’s needs is one of the many advantages to modern technology.

From the aforementioned remote interviewing to something as simple as standardizing the application format- CV’s come in all fonts and formats and often have irrelevant information to read through- technology provides tools to speed up the recruitment process without breaking anything. Smart recruiters will enjoy using software that eliminates multiple data entry steps as it makes the process less of a headache for recruits, and it’s easier to manage for the hiring team.

Give managers the authority to hire

Since managers are responsible for the performance of their teams, units, departments or divisions, give them authority to hire the people they need when they need them. They know their talent needs better than anyone else. They also understand the range of variables that affect hiring decisions and the need to carefully weigh the benefits of any new hire against the costs. So, when they make a decision to hire, they need the authority to make it happen, without others second-guessing them and without unnecessary delay.

To enable this, changes may be necessary, such as automating or outsourcing background and security checks and other hiring functions. Many employers already are doing this, with help from a variety of specialized providers and apps.

Find the right talent in larger talent pools

There has been a significant increase in job postings for roles that can be done working remote in industries like corporate services and software. These postings are getting a lot more views, according to LinkedIn research. An overwhelming 85% of software employees in the U.S. say they can effectively work remotely – more than in any other industry.

Leveraging technology to streamline the recruiting process and allow talent acquisition teams to score candidates against different criteria will help focus efforts on what talent can really drive business forward today, and in the years to come.

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