Digitizing the Recruitment Process amid COVID-19 Outbreak

While the Coronavirus, or COVID-19 outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people, it is also causing a ripple effect across the globe and significant disruptions to the industries worldwide, impacting not just the recruitment landscape but the global economy.

Merely saying HR managers are stressed right now would be an understatement. This is because organizations are heavily relying on their HR teams to help plan for business continuity, communicate policy and allay anxiety for people during a rough time when no clear end is to be seen.

Yes, continuity planning isn’t new. But the considerations for this specific pandemic are fluid. With COVID-19, even the most seasoned of HR leaders are saddled with hiring challenges, finding themselves in uncharted territory.

Dozens of global firms believe they will miss their financial goals for the upcoming quarter owing to the supply chain disruptions and sluggish customer demand. Thousands of companies are forced to throttle down or temporarily freeze hiring in the wake of this deadly pandemic.

However, many smart companies are increasingly adopting alternatives to on-site assessments and interviews, following on the heels of tech giants – Facebook, Google, Amazon and Intel – that aren’t impervious to the outbreak either.

AI-powered recruitment platforms and candidate screening tools seem to be the perfect answer to the disruption caused by the coronavirus, offering organizations to recruit while maintaining social distancing. As it turns out, the market research analysts have predicted the Global AI Recruitment Market growth at a CAGR of 7.6% by 2027.

Why Use AI-Powered Recruitment Tools to Keep Your Business Afloat

AI-powered online tools – with gamification in particular – presents recruiters with the opportunity to identify the best-fit candidates, cut down the recruitment costs, eliminate unconscious bias, display the employer brand and boost overall candidate experience without putting anyone at risk.

It’s not surprising that the number of companies using video interviews to hire staff soared by 67% in the past four weeks due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus. From pre-screening assessments and resume submission to interviews, recruiters can go through each step ‘online’ in the comfort of their own home.

Even though traditional recruiting activities like on-site job fairs have all been canceled to avoid mass gatherings, the digital sphere promises to help business processes run smoothly amid COVID-19 crisis. Inspired by cloud recruitment, employers are moving their promotional sessions online.

Here’s What Recruiters Need To Level-Up Their Hiring Game

The Talent Games – an AI-powered gamified assessment platform is the route you should go for if you’re trying to connect with potential candidates – virtually!

And since majority of the jobseekers (especially millennials) are found online, it becomes your best bet to find the top talent among graduates. We provide gamified assessment solutions that test cognitive abilities, psychological attributes, behavioral skills, personality traits as well as other skills to predict the future job performance of the candidates.

As a matter of fact, these tests are two times more predictive than actual interviews; three times more predictive than work experience, even in a specific role; and four times more predictive than education level.

It is anticipated that the adoption of AI-powered recruitment and candidate screening tools will dramatically influence the labor market post-pandemic. Once employers experience the benefits of these tools, it is likely that they will stick to them, reluctant to even go back to the manual, costlier hiring processes.

As coronavirus fears continue to grip the whole world, it is time to explore the technology-based aspects of the hiring process. And what better way than digitizing your recruitment process with online gamified assessments.

Businesses that shift their hiring and other processes to digital platforms will stay ahead of the curve and mitigate the impact of the outbreak, keeping their companies running smoothly now, and over the long term.


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