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Invest in Women: Your Key to Building High-Performing Teams


This blog discusses the impact of hiring women in the workplace, supported by research, while also shedding light on the importance of the themes of IWD2024: ‘Invest in Women’ and ‘Inspire Inclusion’


Your company’s success relies on how well its teams perform together. When you build your teams without involving any bias, your company grows. So, it’s crucial to know what makes your teams perform at their best.

The studies by Harvard Business School show that diverse teams, especially those including women, produce the best outputs, and we are going to discuss that in detail in this blog.

The information we offer will guide you in making effective hiring choices to achieve outstanding results.

But first, let’s explore the importance of Women’s Day and its themes for this year, focusing on why and how you can invest in women to create high-performing teams.


‘Invest in Women’ and ‘Inspire Inclusion’: IWD Themes 2024

This year In 2024, UN Women’s theme, ‘Invest in women: Accelerate progress’, highlights the urgent need to achieve gender equality and empower all women by 2030, a mission that UN member states have embraced, since 2015.

This offers workplaces a chance they can enhance team dynamics and promote inclusivity by valuing International Women’s Day, recognizing the diverse contributions of women, and championing their rights.

The official website of International Women’s Day has also mentioned its annual theme for the year 2024 as ‘Inspire Inclusion’ which emphasizes the importance of creating environments where all voices are heard and respected.

UN Women

Why to Invest in Women?

Here are few of the key reasons to invest in women and make your workplace future-proof against the upcoming talent shortage.

• Diversity Accelerates Success:

Having a diverse team means having people with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

When we invest in women, we’re adding diversity to our teams, which can lead to better decision-making, more creativity, and innovative solutions to problems.

Imagine a team where everyone thinks alike – boring, right? Investing in women brings excitement and fresh ideas to the table.

• Better Team Dynamics:

Women bring unique communication styles and collaboration skills to the team. Studies show that teams with women tend to communicate better, collaborate more effectively, and resolve conflicts peacefully.

So, when you invest in women, you’re making teams that work together really well. This creates a nice atmosphere where everyone’s ideas can shine, leading to more creative solutions.

• Tapping into Talent:

Ignoring women means missing out on a huge pool of talent. Women are just as capable and skilled as men, so why not give them the opportunity to shine?

By investing in women, we’re tapping into a diverse talent pool and ensuring we have the best people for the job, regardless of gender.


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• To Strengthen Organizational Culture:

When women are empowered, it grows a culture of inclusivity, fairness, and respect, attracting top talent and enhancing the company’s reputation as an employer of choice. Investing in women is a win-win game for every organization.

Tech giants like Google and Microsoft have made concerted efforts to increase gender diversity in their workforce. As a result, they’ve not only improved their workplace culture but also seen an increase in employee satisfaction and productivity.

• Driving Innovation and Market Competitiveness:

Investing in women unlocks diverse perspectives that drive innovation and enhance market competitiveness. Diverse teams, including women, bring fresh ideas and approaches, meeting customer needs and positioning the company as an industry leader in innovation and creativity.

Take the example of Procter & Gamble (P&G), a company known for its consumer goods. P&G actively promotes gender diversity and has seen remarkable results, including the development of groundbreaking products and solutions that have propelled the company ahead of its competitors.

How to Invest in Women?

Investing in women involves several key strategies to ensure their success and advancement in the workplace:

• Equal Opportunities:

Equal opportunities for growth for women in the workplace can become highly impactful for the organization. McKinsey report suggests that gender equality leads to improved collaboration, innovation, and creativity.

Ensuring that women have the same opportunities for growth and advancement as men positively impact the overall business. This means offering training programs, mentorship opportunities, and leadership development initiatives specifically tailored for women.

• Flexible Work Arrangements:

Offer flexible work arrangements such as remote work, flexible hours, and parental leave policies that support women in balancing their work and personal lives. When women feel supported, they’re more likely to stay and contribute to the success of the team.

Flexible work arrangements are not just a perk; they’re a necessity for women in today’s workforce. Women often juggle multiple responsibilities, including caregiving, household duties, and professional ambitions. Providing them with flexibility acknowledges and respects these responsibilities, enabling them to manage their time more effectively.

• Address Bias and Stereotypes:

There is a report by the United Nations Development Programmed on gender inequality and social norms that states that 90% of women and men hold bias against women. It is essential to learn how gender bias can sneak into your recruitment so that you can tackle it well.

Challenge stereotypes and unconscious biases that may be holding women back. Train employees on diversity and inclusion, and create a culture where everyone feels respected and valued for their unique contributions.


• Support Women in Leadership:

Encourage women to take on leadership roles and provide them with the support and resources they need to succeed. This could include leadership training, networking opportunities, and mentorship programs with senior leaders.

It can have a high impact on the overall performance of the team. You don’t need to take just our words for that. Research by Harvard Business Review suggests that women turn out to be more effective leaders, especially during crises like pandemics for instance.


Investing in women isn’t just a moral imperative; it’s a strategic move that can elevate your team’s performance and boost your employer’s brand in the job market.

By embracing diversity and inclusion, offering equal opportunities, supporting women in leadership, and addressing biases, you’re not only creating a more equitable workplace but also tapping into a vast pool of talent.

Let’s commit to investing in women and building high-performing teams that drive innovation, foster inclusivity, and lead us into a brighter future.


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