News: The Talent Games featured in the Singapore HR Tech Market Map 2020

The much-awaited Singapore HR Tech Market Map 2020 is out! And The Talent Games has been featured in the Talent Acquisition category, see under the ‘screening assessments’ section.

The 2020 Singapore HR Tech Market Map is a brainchild of our friend in Singapore “Adrian Tan”. He has been working on this idea since 2017 when he saw CBinsights rolling out such market maps for multiple industries and regions.

With 160+ local and overseas HR Tech service providers included, it is clearly a comprehensive research product of Adrian Tan, a renowned HR Tech influencer and blogger based out of Singapore, along with – Singapore’s largest HR Tech Marketplace.

Last year also, both Adrian and collaborated on the Singapore HR Tech Market Map 2019, which was widely acclaimed for its comprehensive coverage of the categories and players.

The Singapore HR Tech Market Map 2020 has a detailed categorization to help HR Professionals and Enterprises to choose the vendors in line with their specific need. The service providers are categorized across EIGHT major Talent segments and multiple sub-categories:

  • Human Resource Management Systems(Enterprise; SMBs)
  • Talent Analytics
  • Talent Acquisition(Applicant Tracking System; Sourcing – Job Boards, Referrals, Tech Hiring, Non-PMET; Screening – Assessments, Video Interviews, Background Check)
  • Talent Development(Coaching & Mentoring; Competency Management)
  • Talent Engagement(Employee Communication; Onboarding; Performance Management)
  • Talent Operations(HR Automation & Bots; Payroll)
  • Talent Planning
  • Talent Rewards(Benefits, Wellness, Compensation Management)

The Talent Games would like to thank Adrian Tan and for including us in their Singapore HR Tech Market Map 2020 that features 160+ local and overseas HR Tech service providers, which are intensely competing in the Singapore talent marketplace.

We feel proud of being associated with you guys. And we strongly believe this is just a beginning of our ties.

Adrian Tan:

Adrian Tan is one of the leading HR Tech influencers + journalists in Singapore. He has been in the HR space since 2004 and currently, he is helping organizations digitize their employee HR experience. Adrian covers topics like HR Technology, Future of Work, Future of HR, Entrepreneurship and more. His HR Tech blogs have been published on leading online websites like HR in Asia, Yahoo, UndercoverRecruiter, Tech in Asia, Recruitment Juice and many others.

About HR Tech SG:

The founded by Sriram Iyer is a Singapore-headquartered HRTech Advisory firm, helping companies identify the right HR Tech solutions. The online platform is Singapore’s first, exclusive and curated HR Tech Marketplace, with over 80 HR Technology solution providers. As a leading consultancy firm, their services include HR Tech trends, advisory and events like the “Demo Hour” where HR Tech companies showcase their product demo.

Find The Talent Games at’s marketplace.

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