Why Hiring Multiskilled Employees is the Need of the Hour

The coronavirus pandemic and containment measures plunged the global economy into deep contraction. And while things have gotten much better now and most businesses have picked up, employers are reimagining how they hire and retain workers.

As companies continue to find ways to cut costs and counter competition from other organizations, they look for people who can think on their feet and often perform tasks beyond their job descriptions when needed. More and more recruiters are now trying to find people who not only have the necessary skills required to survive and fulfil the job responsibilities effectively but those who can wear multiple hats. Now is the time for multiskilled employees.

Hunting for Jack-Of-All-Trades

Companies are eyeing jack-of-all-trade workers due to their ability to handle several assignments. It’s not a surprise why adaptability and versatility is a desirable trait in potential workforce for most recruiters and why they particularly consider it when filling vacant positions.

To elaborate, an adaptable person will work under pressure, readily respond to changes, would happily work outside their comfort zones, and understand the shift in work priorities to meet a business. For instance, an adaptable project manager will integrate various moving parts of a project and deliver a quality product or service in a timely manner.

Interestingly, according to Ernst & Young, 150 C-suite leaders found that adaptability was one of the top five skills they felt they needed to succeed in the future.

How Gamification Can Help Find Multi-Skilled Employees

The traditional recruiting process that solely relies on resumes and interviews fails to reveal if a job candidate possesses such traits. Luckily, this is where pre-employment talent assessments come to the rescue. And when gamification is integrated into hiring assessments, it’s a cherry on top!

Gamified assessments accurately unravel the characteristics and skills of an individual, so the recruiter can easily predict their future job performance. Things like a person’s ability to manage multiple workloads, deal with pressure, openness to ideas, suggestions, or constructive criticism and willingness to take risks can be assessed via gamified assessments – all of which are necessary to hire a multiskilled employee.

Why Hire Multi-Skilled Employees

One reason for hiring multi-skilled employees is that they typically turn out to be tremendously motivated and engaged workers. In fact, research indicates that their well-rounded approach to work propels them to explore multiple facets of their work, which allows them to never get stuck in a rut. Multi-skilled employees also know how to fit like the missing jigsaw piece wherever there are opportunities in the organization, thus resulting in greater employee retention.

A great number of companies are reskilling and upskilling their employees to transform them into a multi-skilled workforce. Why? Because with multi-skilled employees, you need fewer people to get the work done. Ultimately, this fuels hiring efficiency as well as lowers the churn rate as workers see a room for growth in their jobs.

Thus, in the current volatile job market, employees need to boast a repertoire of skills to show that they are flexible enough to adapt to changes in demand.

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