Recruitment Marketing

How Recruitment Marketing Can Transform Your Hiring Process

In the current age, recruiters must shift their mindset to think like marketers and build a killer recruitment marketing strategy to significantly boost candidate engagement.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing is the process of promoting your employer brand by the application of marketing best practices to attract, engage and nurture passive talent — before they apply to your job. This is typically done with the help of various strategies and tactics, such as omni-communication, analytics, tech-enabled automation and targeted messaging.

As a holistic approach, recruitment marketing touches every aspect of your outreach and puts emphasis on the Employer Value Proposition to help hiring managers acquire qualified talent.

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Benefits of Recruitment Marketing

1. Kick off a Positive Candidate Experience

The relationship between the candidate and your company begins right when they encounter your business. And from this stage, the candidate journey begins, with people evaluating your company as an employer and deciding whether to apply or not. With recruitment marketing, you have the option of customizing every touch point based on   “who”   the candidate is and their level of engagement.

In essence, recruitment marketing allows you to transform the candidate experience and form an amazing first impression way before the dream candidate connects with your talent acquisition team.

2. Boost Your Employer Brand

Candidates don’t apply to companies, they apply to brands. Not a surprise that 75% of active job seekers are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its employer brand.

Shrewd recruiters fully understand this, thus they develop an effective recruitment marketing strategy to help them convey the employer value proposition (EVP) right away and differentiate the company from its competitors.

By posting powerful content on the company’s careers page, nurturing campaigns and using the right kind of messaging, they manage to attract and retain the best talent.

3. Accelerate the Hiring Process

Recruitment marketing allows hiring professionals to build a great candidate pipeline.

By allowing them to pick out the high-caliber candidates without having to weed out less desirable candidates, it significantly accelerates the hiring process.

4. Reduce Hiring Costs

A lot of recruiters end up wasting tons of money on talent attraction efforts because they don’t track and analyze their hiring metrics.

With recruitment marketing, you get to track the effectiveness of different campaigns on generating pipeline. This, in turn, alleviates hiring costs and makes sure you invest only on areas that will attract a relevant candidate pool.



Recruitment Marketing Examples Companies Using Recruitment Marketing

• KE (Karachi Electric) – A Personalized Careers Page

K-Electric’s personalized careers page is a wonderful example of recruitment marketing done right. Their careers page – that has over 19,230 people likes – conveys a sense of personalization, maneuvering prospective employees to form a genuine connection with the employer brand.

The Pakistani electric supply company keeps it careers page active by sharing engaging and meaningful content, responding to queries of people and giving satisfactory answers to those looking to join the company.

K electric

• Shell – Gamified Pre-Employment Assessment

As a part of its recruitment marketing strategy, Shell opted for gamified assessments to attract qualified applicants. The game allowed the potential hires to understand the fundamental values the organization was looking for in its employees, serving both as a marketing as a well a talent acquisition tool.

• Nestlé – Live Streaming Video

Nestlé conducts live video sessions to connect with potential candidates in real time and transform the conversation into robust conversations. This allows the organization to boost its employer brand while also having a genuine dialogue with people.


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